Zombies Don’t Ride Motorcycles by Melissa Leo-Pahl & Matthew Leo



From the cracked minds of Matthew Leo and Melissa Leo-Pahl: 

Comes a story of survival, hardship, and love in the throes of the Zombie Apocalypse!

A mind altering super-drug paired with a mutagenic virus, sweeps the world and covers it in chaotic death. Leaving only a sparse handful of the living left to inherit what remains.

 From different states, and all walks of life, these young survivors awake to find their world shattered beyond repair. Seeking one another out, their eyes are ever watchful, as death and the undead await them around every blind corner.

And from the ashes rises the Zombie King! A man with secrets of his own, his past hidden in the shadows. Food is scarce now for the undead. His biggest secret, puts him at the top of the food chain! This indeed spells trouble, for our “fortunate” survivors.

 May fortune favor the foolish!

Available on Amazon and Kobo. Nook available soon.


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